Strategic Income Protection Planning for Residents and Fellows

Understanding Disability Insurance Plans This whitepaper offers information regarding the examination and acquisition of income protection plans while a physician is engaged in or is soon to complete a graduate medical education training program.

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Understanding Personal Disability Insurance Policies

An individually owned disability insurance policy is a physician’s best option to providing the foundation coverage for a comprehensive disability income protection plan.  However, not all plans are created equally.  Watch this 20 minute webinar to learn about the important definitions and provisions you need to understand and look for when making a decision regarding your individual policy.

Understanding Disability Insurance Provided by Your Practice, Clinic or Hospital

A Group Long Term Disability plan is an important benefit many practices, clinics and hospitals offer physicians.  However, many physicians are not provided the full details of these plans, only short summaries they may not completely explain the important definitions and provisions that make the difference between a paid or denied claim. This 20 minute webinar will help you be prepared to ask the right questions and obtain the plan documentation you will need when an accident or injury impacts your ability to practice to your full capabilities.

GME Disabilip02ty Insurance Plan Policy Features

A plan of disability insurance is truly a sum of its parts. You can build a plan which includes strong definitions of disability, cost of living features to increase the benefits during a long term claim, partial disability benefits to offset earnings loss when you are impaired but still working, future purchase options allowing the policy to more than double in monthly benefit without proof of medical insurability and other important features. A typical plan for a physician who has completed training might include these features and have an initial monthly benefit of $5,000. The rates will vary depending on the determinants noted above. Special GME Plan discounts and the gender neutral pricing is being offered. Click here to see a summary of the policy terms!

GME Disability Insurance Plan State Applications

Below are state applications required for the enrollment in the Graduate Medical Education Disability Insurance Plan offered by Standard Insurance Company, a leader in disability insurance for physicians.  Contact an approved financial advisor for assistance in completion of this application.